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In our short history, we’ve built a reputation for success on a foundation of great music.

We’ve made it our mission to reduce the barriers in our industry by working outside the traditional models of music. Our deeply personal approach empowers the artists we work with to reach their flow state, creating musical moments that truly matter.
If you’re an artist looking at releasing with questions about the PR, marketing, and management side of things, or simply have questions about what we do, hit us up below.
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ARCHIE makes surfy, synth-soaked indie-rock music about the people, places, and things they love–and occasionally the things they don’t love so much. Their electrifying live shows give their audience an outlet for emotion but always leave them with a smile on their faces. “we want people to have fun with our music, let their hair down, and have a good boogie!”

Shortly after forming in late 2018 while studying at the ANU School of Music, the four unusually happy scallywags found a kindred spirit in Archie, Xandy’s dog, who reflects all of the charisma, energy, and happiness ARCHIE the band can only dream of conveying with our music.

For enquiries, please contact Billy at william@wrmwtr.com